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  • Hell On Earth is Here

  • By: CosmicJoe Added: 06-06-15
  • The head of Baltimore Police refuses to admit he put a stand down order to officers, which cost businesses to be looted and caught on fire and hurt these officers themselves.Celebrities openly admit they sold their soul to Satan, and people flock to turn to witchcraft and Satan worship. My friend who lived here has a witch of a so called girlfriend who has him spellbound that he believes her lies against me,telling him I stole money from him when he lived here 2 years ago to cover what money she stole and still stealing from him while accepting all gifts he constantly gives her.His reasoning is that he gives her everything so why is she stealing?In his opinion,she is not ripping him off but every time he gets shit faced drunk, he has missing money.I prayed to God August of 2013 for him to hit the lottery so he can get his own place so his wotch of a so called girlfriend would not live here on weekends,and God answered.What gift of money he gave me turned into a loan because of her framing me for what all she stole,which I will never get over.It is masonic in nature to focus on this so called"New Day" and they even have a group of heel wrestlers in the WWE who focus fake positivity to cheat? That mirrors the real world in 2015.Abominations are thought of as courageous and brave? It makes me ill just to see it on a daily basis on the hellspawn media.Fifty Shades of Gray promotes the works of the Satanic Bible openly with the public so oblivious of it that they are totally blind now of the cancer within our sick society.There is the great flood when we need one to wash away all the evil shit and death the leaders of nations have bought upon us? When the old Gods arrive,they are going to be thought as the evil one when the evil ones have full control of this world and will send their armies to confront the true creators of this world.They have the entire world under a thick,unrelenting spell that only can be broken by people conscious,cosmic minded,which most individuals are not.Our very money has a curse on it which is invisible to all but the cosmic minded and those who have true cosmic awareness like me.People do not respect me nor trust what I say to be true.They mock me,hate upon me,dislike my videos,and turned their backs on me,both online and in reality of my daily life.And Democracy is an Illuminati idea.It`s not"For the Democracy For Which It Stands" but "For the REPUBLIC For Which It Stands"And it is not "One Nation Under God" either our fore fathers like Thomas Jefferson admit this nation was not built on worshipping the lord but worshipping the Goddesses the Freemasonic cultures who control our governments believe in.All you have to do is become a 33rd degree Mason to become God-like in nature.Look at the paintings in the US Nations capital and you will see George Washington being up there on the ceiling with various Gods and you will see the truth behind everything.I have no faith that anything will ever change.There is no"New Day",only the same old shit that is being forced fed us.

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